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Wally Lawder Live Music

May 27, 2017
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533 N 4th Ave, Tucson, United States, 85705

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Wally Lawder Live Music Wally is an award winning performing songwriter with 5 CD’s of original music to his credit. His musical style could best be described as “folk fusion,” integrating many styles and influences into a unique, lyric-driven acoustic sound. Pulitzer Prize winning poet Stephen Dunn states that “Wally Lawder is both a romantic and a social critic, and his quiet lyricism heightened by his gifts as a guitarist gives me great pleasure.

Wally Lawder is a collector of stories. He discovers them  in coffee  shops and street corners, casual conversations, in the seemingly  ordinary events of daily life. They have a way of spinning around his  mind and wandering onto notepads. They feed his imagination, and  sometimes end up in his songs… After performing a set at a music  festival, someone came up to him and remarked “You are my favorite  performer here, and I have to say, you write about some of the most  unusual things!”  He was the winner of the 2010 ACLU Southwest NM  songwriting contest, a finalist in the 2009 Tucson Folk Festival  Songwriting Contest and winner of the 2008 Gila River Songwriting  Competition. Pulitzer Prize winning poet Stephen Dunn calls him “both a  romantic and a social critic.”

Wally is originally from Kansas, but grew up in Connecticut and lived  several years in the Princeton, NJ area before moving to New Mexico in  2003 and to Tucson, Arizona in 2012. His eclectic life path has led him  to work as a nonprofit catalyst, carpenter, alternative energy  consultant/technician, holistic educator and cognitive therapist, not to  mention a brief, but strangely memorable stint as a waiter in a Karaoke  bar. All of these experiences and more have been inspiration for his  muse.  A musician for many years, he didn’t start writing his own  material until the later 1990’s. “I really took a liking to performers  like John Gorka, Ellis Paul, Patty Larkin, Susan Werner, Bruce Cockburn.  I could relate so much to their songwriting and was inspired to write  my own.” Since that time he has been a prolific songwriter with 5 CDs of  original music including the newly release This Dangerous Life.

Wally often performs solo; he also performs with his New Mexico band The  Raptured Coyotes. Formerly he performed as part of the ensemble Papillon. He looks forward to new possibilities in his new home of  Tucson.


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