Sustainability at Delectables

Green is the color of our building and the way we strive to reduce our footprint on the world. We make every effort to green our operating procedures at Delectables on a daily basis.

  • We purchase from locallly owned and operated businesses. Arbuckle Coffee, Kalil Bottling, Iron John’s Brewing, Dragoon Brewing, Shamrock Foods, Albar Packaging, Gold Star Pumping, Susan Allan Graphic Design and more.
  • We are a proud member of Local First.
  • We feature local art produced in Tucson, changing our show every two months.
  • When catering parties we offer real China platters to reduce disposable waste 
  • When guests leave water in their glasses we pour them into a pitcher and pour onto our chef’s herb garden in our patio. This can amount to sometimes 3 gallons a day!
  • For our regular to go ordering customers we offer a “green box” which is returned with each order reducing the refuse thrown into the land fill. 
  • All aluminum, glass and corrugated cardboard is recycled.
  • Almost all of our products come wrapped in some form of plastic and we collect all of it and recycle
  • The majority of all fixtures now contain LED bulbs
  • Our neighbor Flowers on 4th collects all flower scraps and we compost
  • All food scraps from preparing all foods daily are added to our compost
  • Our patio garden is on drip irrigation
  • The patio garden has rain chains to direct the water from our gutters to our patio garden
  • We select our products based on packaging and price to reduce the amount of trash produced