Sustainability at Delectables

Delectables actively reduces its footprint on the world. We make every effort to green our operating procedures at Delectables on a daily basis. We will continue to be green in the next location on Limberlost.

  • Delectables is a sponsor of the Sustainability Series held monthly at Laura Tanzers.
  • We purchase from locally owned and operated businesses.
  • We are a proud member of Local First.
  • When catering parties we offer real China platters to reduce disposable waste¬†
  • All aluminum, glass and corrugated cardboard is recycled.
  • Almost all of our products come wrapped in some form of plastic and we collect all of it and recycle
  • The majority of all fixtures now contain LED bulbs
  • All food scraps from preparing all foods daily are added to our compost
  • The grounds at Limberlost are zero scape.
  • We select our products based on packaging and price to reduce the amount of trash produced